Vibras (2018)


Galería Luis Adelantado presents Vibras, solo exhibition by Allan Villavicencio.


The exhibition brings together a series of paintings whose main interest is the exploration of the laminar surface of painting, developing the notion of painting as a material accumulation of pictorial "additions", shown not only with painting, but also with fragments of the same raw canvas that supports it, and parts of other works made on paper.


This series’ process begins with small paintings made in different cities, a series of records that comprise palimpsestos which reference a direct experience with the urban landscape. The painting functions here as a reflection of what is up front, changing places and making notes of the barely perceptible.


The larger format pieces display a residual and procedural pathway; collective and cumulative work where color and materiality are constructed with the same canvas. Through its chromatic flatness and its use of material as language, the work is juxtaposed in successive layers, generating creases which embody, layer by layer, the skin of the pictorial.


May 2018