Notes for a landscape (2018)


Notes for a landscape is an exhibition consisting of three pieces which refer to the micro-landscape, the miniature spaces which are often difficult for us to perceive.


As part of ESPACIO TOMADO, a project that simultaneously brings together over 30 individual exhibitions within a single, corporate building currently “under construction”, the exhibition generates a dialogue within a spatial context.


Just as a puddle of water shows the “infra levedad” of the urban environment by functioning like a mirror, these pieces reflect the horizontality of the landscape and records the actions of a body in movement. The main piece in the room, made of raw canvas and composed of 6 paintings of equal size, creates a dialogue with the view of the city of Lima, which shows the large window of the building located in Miraflores. The fissures, the grooves, the traces and the ephemeral features of the city become some elements transferred to the pictorial surface.


April 2018