The Invaders of Mutant Space  (2014)


The Invaders of Mutant Space is a project that seeks to question the way in which mediated images alienate the concept of otherness. With the premise of “invasion” it poses a form of fiction narrative that deforms and modifies the perception of pictorial space.

This search starts from a questioning around the visual multiplicity, and therefore poses as a metaphor of daily life that, through an imaginary virtuality, becomes artificial.


The term “artificial” is used as a motive to understand the limits of a personal perspective which becomes global through visual elements that dialogue in the style of the B-movies of the 60's and 70's. In this way,, the use of artifices looks exposed from dissonant scenes where fluorescent colors accentuate the reference to the color palette on the T.V. screens; as well as the appropriation of some atmospheres of horror films. The purpose of these elements is to generate tension and aesthetic imbalance in the pieces.


The main referents that will be used derive from the imaginary of zombie and trash films, images of ruins, journalistic archives of catastrophes and YouTube; These referents serve to conform a personal mythology that incites to speculate on the recognition of new informational territories.