Building  a crack (2017)


It seems that the phrase by the painter and art critic John Golding which says, "we do not see an image within a painting, but the entire surface of the painting as an image" was the invocation under which the artist Allan Villavicencio discovered for himself a practice through which it is possible to derive "the infinite in paintings which, in themselves, are tangibly finite" (Golding). To name the abstract by way of the concrete. Say, for example: window, crack or door through déploiements and assemblées constructed with cloth, paper and wood. Strategies with a strong sense of destruction and reconstruction, manifested in acts of dispersion and union, in the repetition and association of materials, techniques and discourses of their own and unrelated to painting and sculpture.In short, a combinational Ars in which painting happens as a synchronous encounter with history and the fortuitous, open as much to certainty as to failure, ready before the unfinished and fractured.

By Christian Barragán