Aquellos de los que no hablamos


Aquellos de los que no hablamos  (2015)

Wood, wire fencing, lights, metal supports, acrylic on canvas


Aquellos de los que no hablamos, is a pictorial installation whose main objective is to obstruct one of the accesses of the gallery in the form of a barricade.

On one hand, the piece reflects on the impossibility of crossing certain territories. Through crowded obstacles, the viewer's path is impeded and invaded, like an enemy who can not access the other side.

On the other hand, the piece generates a reflection on the pictorial. The two-dimensional and three-dimensional tension of the representation and activation of the viewer's body. This is achieved through elements such as: sticks/branches, mesh/fencing and barbed wire that looks intricate with some pieces of oil-painted canvas. The phosphorescent lighting is key since it generates a scenographic sense that reveals the artificiality of the process. Also, it makes reference to the mass of waste produced by the industry of new technologies, to the living conditions of capitalism.